Busy Days, Full Heart

My days have been a little full.

Waking up in the early hours of the morning, not finding my bed until so many hours later, the hours between filled with non-stop on-my-feet work.
At the end of each day, as my tired eyes can barely stay awake, I review the days events, and no matter how difficult the day was, I feel incredibly grateful for the feeling I have.
This summer is opening up my eyes to so many blessings I’ve been gifted with. This summer camp job that is less of a job and more of a lifestyle pushes me daily to the max – but I’m capable of doing it.
I am so lucky and privileged to lead the life I live, to be healthy enough to run around all day, to work as hard as I am.
Oftentimes our eyes are so blinded that blessings are disguised. We forget that the reason we are tired and have aching bones is a blessing in and of itself.
And as Shabbat settles down into my home, I look back at the week behind me, the full, non-stop, exhausting week, and I am filled with the sweetest joy.
With my family all around me, and good food on the table, it is so clear to me how blessed I am.
My blog post of the week will be short, perhaps it doesn’t even qualify as a blog post, but I’m writing it with sleep heavy on my eyes, and I am so grateful for every aching bone.
For it represents so much more than just an ache. The ache will fade on Shabbat, but all the joy will remain.
Shabbat shalom!
Blog Post: 43/52

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