It’s been a day

Thank you, G-d, for the roof over my head, because as uninterested in the rain I was this morning, at least I didn’t discover it because I woke up soaking wet. I discovered it with the gentle pitter-patter on my window.
Thank you, G-d, for the ability to feel pain, so that I know my body is doing its job, and keeping me healthy, even if it’s uncomfortable for me.
Thank you, G-d, for a job that I feel passionate about, and for people who trust me to do my job, even when I feel overwhelmed by my tasks, I know it’s because somebody believes I can do it.
Thank you, G-d, for allowing me to have the ability to let food sit in my fridge for a while, to the point that when I want it, it’s already spoiled. At least I don’t have to ration my portions each day, eating each bite until it is gone.
Thank you, G-d, for my friends, and for the joy in their lives, because as I curse the blisters on my feet, I know it is because I danced for hours with deep happiness at my friend’s wedding.
On that note, thank you, G-d, for the friends who step up when I text them “This day is already terrible” at 11 am, and get a response like “Eat chocolate. I’m all ears when you need.”
Thank you, G-d, for allowing me the use of the internet and very cool perks in life like being able to track a package. To be able to find out that an important package is coming too late, and for customer service reps that help you cancel such packages, and for the ability to hop on the subway and get that item in time for when you do need it.
Thank you, G-d, for the unwavering love of a sister, who when you lash out and grumble and say mean things to her because of your day, she grins and bears it, and doesn’t make you feel any worse than you already do.
And on that note, thank you, G-d, for all of my family, and their health, and their safety. For my nephews, for my living grandparents, for cousins who are more like best friends.
Thank you, G-d, for late birthday presents that come just when you need them.
Thank you, G-d,
for people answering doorbells quickly when you’re standing in the rain,
for lunches that are nourishing and delicious,
for pure clean water that hydrates me,
for the ability to pick up the phone, or turn on my computer, and order a full meal when I’m too lazy to cook it.
For cards filled with thoughtful words to look back at,
for enough clothing that I get to make choices of what to wear in the morning,
for hot showers each night.
For five year diaries that I am lucky to be on year 4 of,
for bucket lists that are slowly getting filled up,
for to-do lists that are getting smaller,
for things to look forward to like my entire family coming home next week.
For a phone full of too many pictures of people I love that there is no room on it to do anything else,
for my ability to walk long distances if necessary,
for my ability to read and write, and learn new things.
Thank you G-d, for allowing me to fill my mind up with big dreams and goals, and allowing me the pleasure of realizing them.
l was having a bad day, and I’m not sure what else is in store, but this is my way of trying to give this day a little more meaning and to remember that my bad day is actually a day full of hidden, and not so hidden, blessings.

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