Just Click On Me

I hate Wednesdays. I hate Wednesdays simply because they are not Thursdays.

Now, before you start judging me for hating on an innocent day because it is lacking what another day has, take a moment to realize that you hate days too. You hate days because they don’t have what other days have.
We all universally hate Mondays because they are never as great as the weekend.
I hate Wednesdays because it means that I still have two days until I can say TGIF.
And TGIF is my all-time favorite thing to say.
Because Fridays. What is Friday lacking? Nothing.
In my life, Friday means the beginning of a weekend.
Friday is like a person that people look forward to seeing every day. A person who brings smiles to every face. A person whose mere presence tells everyone around them that it’s going to be okay.
Every day of the week has a personality that goes with it.
Saturdays are fun to be around, but seriously, they get a little annoying after spending too much time with them. When you are friends with a Saturday, you end up spending too much, eating too much and all-around making bad choices.
Sundays are tense and full of worry. They’re anxious about anything that might be approaching them, even in the distance. They’re stressed out but trying so hard to enjoy themselves in the moment that it’s stressing them out. They mean well, they are good friends, but they can make you crazy after a while too.
Mondays. Mondays have a bad name, and occasionally live up to it. But sometimes they surprise you with their sunny smile, or their good news. Sometimes they’re not so bad. And when they hang out with Saturday and Sunday, they bring both of those days up and help them feel better about themselves.
Tuesdays. Tuesdays are not my kind of people. We just can’t get along. They are sweet. They try hard. But they’re a little bit of nothing. They aren’t the beginning of a hard week, but they aren’t the sweet relief of the end. They just make me angry with their wish-wash, their endless back and forth and ups and downs.
And, we are back to Wednesdays. Did I mention I hate Wednesdays? I’m pretty sure I hate Wednesdays because I am a Wednesday. I’m not anxiety filled, like Sunday or Monday. But I constantly question what purpose I serve. I feel like an extra human at times, too big to fit into what would be the perfect 6 day week. Honestly, who needs Wednesday? Without Wednesday, all the days would be elevated in status, and reach a fuller potential. I spend plenty of my time wishing I was further on the journey of my life, much like I spend my Wednesdays wishing they were Thursdays.
So, why do I wish so much upon Thursdays?
Because Thursday means that tomorrow is Friday, and the waiting is over. The worst of the week is over. Thursdays are like the friends of Friday, and Friday rubbed off on them in all the best ways. They are cheerful, they are motivated and they are excitable. They are driven and have big dreams. Now that is a day to be.
Fridays are beautiful and have everything they need and want. It’s dangerous to be a Friday, because it might become easy to lose sight of who you are, and you are in arms reach of becoming a Saturday.
I want to be a Thursday. That’s why I hate Wednesday. But the beautiful part of a week is that each day slides into the next, and each day has the potential of being a better day.
Maybe I can still become a Thursday.
Or maybe, I can transform my Wednesday into a Thursday.

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