Double the Happy

Yesterday, I completely forgot to write up about the #happychallenge.

Not because there wasn’t anything to write, but because I was so busy being happy.

I grew up in one of two religious families in my entire state. That means that this time of year meant Christmas songs and decor. Ironically, what always made me feel the holiday spirit was everyone else’s holidays. This year, in the days leading up to chanukah and first couple of days, I was in a Jewish community.

No lights or trees. I thought that’s why it felt like something was missing.

Then I got home. The houses are decked in lights, the trees are for sale all over the place, the songs creep in everywhere.

But that’s not what made it feel holiday like.

It was the smell of latkes frying, menorah standing waiting to be lit, more donuts than we need, laughing with the family, and the sure feeling of Chanukah.

You’re technically allowed to work on Chanukah, there’s no prohibition like the other holidays.

But thats what made me feel like I needed someone else’s holiday to give me the spirit. Because I was doing what everyone was doing all over the world- working on a Monday.

I may not be doing enough to spread the light all over the world yet, but I feel the light filling me, and that’s the first step.

I feel so, so, so happy.

Happy 6th night, and shabbat shalom.

May this combination of Shabbat and Chanukah make G-d swing open the gates, and end the pain.



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