Day 2 of the #happychallenge

Day 2 of the #happychallenge:
Today was a long day. But throughout it, there were so many moments that I found the happiness.
I started my day in New York, and I’m ending it in my hometown.
I journeyed in an uber, 2 buses and my fathers car to get here, in time to be home for the 3rd night’s menorah lighting.
Let’s start with one of the first things that made me happy.
My grandfather, who is in his 80’s, asked me to help him on the computer. I followed him up the stairs which he went up quickly, and I found myself not being to believe that this man was in his eighties. Thank you, G-d.
Second thing that made me happy was when we were driving over a bridge, in the uber, on the way to the bus station, I saw a wall covered in graffiti letters- not an uncommon sight in NYC. But this time it said “Smile, you’re beautiful”
Graffiti is always a work of art, but this was an especially beautiful one.
The third thing that made me smile was when I was finally on the last leg home, my sister and I joined the rush hour crowd on our second bus.
As we neared our stop, and the bus emptied, we overheard the conversations between the passengers. They were asking each other about their lives, being that they see each other every day.
Stranger camaraderie makes me happy, always.
The fourth thing that made me happy, and I mean laugh until I cried, was being home with my family again, and spending time with my sisters.
There is so much good in this world. We just have to tell others about the good, instead of only telling about the bad.

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