I Fall In Love On The Subway

To you:

I saw you on the subway.
I’ve always dreamed of being the kind of person who would go up to strangers on the subway
I’m not that kind of person
I don’t know how
But if I could
I’d say
I fell in love with you
And no, not in a romantic way
I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with you
I just want to know you.
I wonder at the furrow of your eyebrows
And what has you so worried
And why do you keep looking at your watch?
I hear while I speak it now
That I sound like someone you wouldn’t want to be alone in an ally with
But I promise I’m just curious
I want to know.
I want to know all people
I am fascinated by the people who share this world with me
I want to know.
What makes up your life
And why do you sit like that
Is it because your father taught you?
I don’t care where you are going
I care more about why you are going there
Is it a point on the map
Or have you been dreaming about this day
Are you on your way to your dreams fulfillment
Are you on the way home, filled with rejection
I want to know.
Do you feel like you are a hypocrisy
Do you go to therapy
Does the speed of the subway
Remind you of how life is speeding faster
Or is that just morbid me?
Someone once told me
Some people are just simple
Some people have no layers
What you see is who they are
And I have fought that statement all my life
How can it be?
 What if that man across from you is the father you never knew
And although it’s improbable
It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible
And why live life inside the confines of probability
Oh look
You’re getting off the train
I’m already falling out of love with you
Not the real you
But the stranger I thought I knew.

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