Travel Diary #4: Day 5 and 6

Have I mentioned that I love road trips?

I’ll be honest- I’m not much of a hiker. I like seeing the sights, but the prospect of huffing back up hills and mountains is always a bit overwhelming for me. 

But, goodness. The sights!

Yesterday we climbed down the Grand Canyon, which was considerably easier than climbing back up.

On our way back up, the thunder began to rumble. I assumed it was still far and wasn’t very scared, mostly focusing on my breathing abilities.

But then we were caught in a complete downpour, lightning and everything!

It was actually terrifying. We were so elevated that the risk of getting struck was way higher…not a comforting thought.

But we made it. We survived. We were (very) wet and hungry and a little bedraggled but we did it.

After our farewell to the GC, we moved on to Page, Arizona to check out the beautiful Lake Powell. It was pretty.  

Sorry that you can’t see the water in that photo.

Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, our antelope canyon tour that we had been looking forward to was canceled and we ended up taking a boat instead. It was pretty, but not that great. For me, it was the first real disappointment of the trip, which is not bad. 

After Lake Powell, we drove on to Utah where we found the incredible Bryce Canyon.

Sorry, I fell asleep in middle of writing this post. Like for 7 hours. Now it’s a whole new day, and we already walked through the river in Zion National Park. 

Bryce Canyon was so so so beautiful. I really loved the hoodoos. I love how every canyon is still unique and unvelievably gorgeous. 

It’s just this insane beauty that has been sitting here for forever and I’m only finding it now. It really makes you wonder at how very big the world is.

I want to travel for the rest of my life, please.

Before dinner, we went to the Mossy Cave Hike near bryce, which was an easier hike to a pretty waterfall and a mossy cave.  

 Today we woke up early and went to Zion. It was my favorite, the views on the way in were breathtaking. There were bighorn sheep running up the mountain…pretty unbelievable. 

We walked through the river, a bit hesitant because the Rangers said a flash flood was propable today :). But, thank goodness there was nothing but a blue sky in sight. 

As I type now, outside my window are views I’ll never see anywhere else.  It’s just so beautiful. 

We are heading towards Vegas.

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