Travel Diary #2: Day 2, 3 and 4.

I’m truly exhausted.

I’m laying on my bed in the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas.


Our last few days in LA were food and family filled. (And some grove shopping)

Today, after my nephews birthday party, we headed out onto the open road. First stop?

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas is all glitz and glamour like I’ve always heard.

But gosh, it’s so sad.

This is the kingdom of people who live for others.

The self-respect levels are so low, it’s scary.

Walking along The Strip was quite the experience. 

We are heading to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon early tomorrow, so this was just a taste. But we’ll be back in Vegas Thursday night, so it’s not goodbye for too long.

I’m pretty sure it’s never dark in the entire Nevada ever by the amount of lights that are outside my window.  

 It’s also super hard to take pictures that are normal in this city. I feel like they all look like they were taken with one of those flip phones from days gone by.

Las Vegas is incredible, no questions about it. I’m very curious to see what it’s like in the A.M. I’m imagining a lot of hangovers and depressed people in casino hotel lobbies.


Night everyone.

 This is an image of our actual road tripping part of the road trip: 

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