Let’s Catch Up

The past few weeks have been intense. Proven by the fact that I couldn’t get my act together to post a blog post. 

But here I am!

Sitting in the airport/on the airplane heading towards Los Angeles, CA with my sisters for a much needed and deserved vacation.

We’ll be hitting up most of the West Coast tourist attractions via a road trip. Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park…and a few more.

I’ve officially taken up the role of a travel blogger. Well, that’s my plan. I may or may not bore you all to tears but my real goal is to make you so jealous you will cry.

Whatever, I’m a nice person.

Also, you may notice the new look.

I decided to experiment with WordPress instead of blogger. We’ll see how that goes.

So I’m sitting on my plane, very ready for take off. I love flying. I have an aisle seat, but when I sit in the window seat, it’s the most surreal feeling. Everything that I know down below becomes tiny, putting into perspective how tiny we are. It’s pretty humbling.

Today on our first flight I realized that we are so far from the ground, but everyone down below can hear us roar past, even if they can’t see us.

How’s that for a lesson in making a difference? 

No matter how small you are, you can still be heard.

Anyway, I’m off to the land of semi-consciousness and watching movies non-stop.

See you on the other end.

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