Why Two Year Olds Have It All Figured Out

You can learn something from everything that happens to you.

I was hanging out with my two year old nephew, who is easily my favorite 2 year old on this planet. He’s also got more energy than any 2 year old I know. He’s a daredevil and would jump on or off anything.

This particular time, he was holding a screen that belonged in the window. As city windows have bars in them, this was a portable screen that you put in the window when needed. It had wood all around it and that ignited my nephews imagination.

He told me “I’m gonna stand on it.”

I looked at him and said “No you can’t, it will fall and you’ll get hurt.”

His blue eyes looked at me with so much innocence and he said “So hold my hand.”

I laughed and demonstrated for him how that how even my hand wouldn’t save him from injury this time.

It happened, and he moved on to something else.

I didn’t move on.

I was thinking about it the whole day.

This is how my nephew saw it:

Something was potentially dangerous.

His aunty could hold his hand which protects him everywhere else.

Therefore, the fear of the danger is gone.

He trusted me so whole heartedly.

I wondered why I don’t have a hand to grab when things get a bit scary.

When did I start doubting the hand?

Why did I start to think I was alone and that I could do this alone?

My nephews innocent response was a wake up call.

Why do I waste so much time worrying about the potential danger in things?

Why can’t I trust wholeheartedly in the hand that holds me?

Why can’t I believe in my Creator as much as my nephew believed in me?

My nephew is a toddler, and he wasn’t trying to teach me a lesson.

But I heard the lesson loud and clear.

Sometimes you just have to look at life through the eyes of a toddler.

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