Today, it Ended

Today was the end of an era.

I cleaned up my stuff, gave my classroom one last look-over, and carried all my books home.

This may not have been the end of my schooling forever. Who knows what the future holds? I’ll be attending online courses next year, but this was the end of my sitting in a classroom life.

I wasn’t the least bit sad.

Everyone I said that to responded with “Well, you’ll never have this safety again”

I’ll admit, knowing that the classroom and the people in it won’t change on me each day, and that I could count on some semblance of order in my life each day was comforting.

But how long could it last?

How long could I live in a bubble, pretending that real life wasn’t waiting for me?

Each moment that I spent out of school this year had me dreaming about my future. Trying to build up a name, trying to build up a portfolio, I am desparate to start finally living.

So what’s wrong with me?

Why do I seem to be the only one not saddened by the passing of the baton, the responsibility on my shoulders?

It’s not that I had a bad year.

I learnt a lot. I grew up. I gained a lot of new perspectives and have built up a better me. I hope.

But I’ve sealed the edges, I’ve smoothed it all over and organized all the files.

I’m ready to face life head on, and conquer it.

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