Tired and Uninspired

When I try to think of a blog post to write, I keep in mind a few criteria:

1. Has to be interesting

2. Slightly Socially Acceptable

3. Facebook Friendly

4. Understandable for anyone from any walk of life

Those four criteria cancel out a lot of my ideas.

Like all the ideas I had today. I haven’t blogged since last Tuesday? What’s today? Tuesday again?

My life has been completely sucked up into camp and I literally can not do anything without a mounting feeling of guilt that I’m not working on camp at that moment. Everything in my brain has camp all over it, and I can’t get past it to find things that people might want to hear about.

Day 2 of Week 2. We’ve got so much camp left, it makes me scared of how much more of my life it can swallow.

I find myself falling asleep and grasping at the strings of all the other parts of my life, frantically writing them down on a paper so another day doesn’t pass without me doing them.

Things that just can’t wait another four weeks to be attended to.

Like my future.

My college courses and my job next year.

My writing projects that have deadlines.

My time to breath.

Camp is accomplishing. It’s hard, but at the end of the day, as I lay exhausted on my bed as I do now, I feel like I have done something worthwhile. My hands are covered in food coloring that’ll hopefully come off before the weekend, my clothes are hopelessly filthy, and my brain won’t stop turning.

But every kid went home having had an incredible day in camp. Isn’t that our goal?

See how my brain always comes back to camp?

I wonder if it’s normal. When something is going to take up so much of your time, you just have to let it.

You have to let yourself be one hundred percent focused on one single project and then move on to the next one?

That doesn’t seem like the multi tasking skill that all woman are supposed to be blessed with.

You know what, I’ll be honest.

I don’t know where I’m going with this.

I’m too tired to hold a thought from the beginning to the end, without planning camp  or texting someone a question about camp in between.

But as I sit here and ponder about what my beautiful lesson can be, something that I can use to turn this in to the most inspiring post, I come up empty.

Sometimes, that’s the way life is.

At times, it’s just so easy to see how I can learn from my situation.

But at this point, it’s really hard. It’s hard to see how I can take something inspiring from not having enough time in the day to get what I want done.

But I guess that is a lesson on it’s own.

Life isn’t always sunshine and flowers, and even when it’s not, it’s hard to see why things are necessary.

This post is a downer. It’s not exciting, it’s not monumental, it’s just me talking about my very current life.

It’s not bad, not bad at all, it’s just a bit overwhelming.

And that’s the way life is sometimes.

Sometimes it’s just hard to see why things are the way they are.

And there’s nothing inspiring about it.

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