Jewish and Proud

Is it already Monday?

Time does fly.

On a bit of a different note from my last two miserable posts, I would like to talk about a new project of mine.

During Shiva, I realized how many diverse people came to tell my grandmother how much my grandfather meant to them. Each one was so different than the other, and it was beautiful.

I’m embarking on a series of social projects that bring Jewish people together.

As a blogger, I had to figure out what makes me different or special that will draw readers.

I was leaning towards not being specifically Jewish on the blog, I figured for what reason would it be necessary to say that I am a religious Jew?

But I realized that it does make me different.

It is who I am.

How can I hide it as I blog about my life?

So, it was decided.

I am a religious jewish woman who blogs, and sometimes it will be in your face, and sometimes not.

So back to those social projects- I started my very first one today.

I stopped various people in my neighborhood, some religious, some not and asked them all the same question.

I’ll be hitting the streets of Manhattan next to ask the same question.

My friend, Nechama K, who is a fabulous photographer took everyone’s photos.

I’m excited to compile it all together and show it off, and I hope it does something to bring our nation together.

I hope it will make my grandfather proud to know that I am working to forge connections between different kinds of Jews.

Stay tuned for future projects, and don’t be shy! Comment and contact me if you have any feedback or ideas or if you would be willing to be a part of future projects.

Thanks for reading,


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